01/12/2014 Sunday Sermon – A New You, A New Life

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New Years is always an intriguing time in the lives of people. We often hear an array of resolutions, regrets, and reflections about yesterday and days to come.

I guess what I’m interested in this year in the lives of people is this notion that we don’t have to wait for a cycle of time to pass us by for us to live like new. In other words you don’t have to wait for something to happen or for time to dictate to you what God is already doing in you. If God moving you on already from something than He is beginning something new. If God is revealing something to you that has never been revealed before, than He is already doing something new.

The challenge I have with a New Year is often people stay messed up longer than they have to because a calendar, a clock, or a situation as related to time versus a fresh revelation from the Lord.

-Have you heard somebody say, “I can’t wait for the New Year so I can start…”
-Have you heard it said, “I’m waiting until the season is over before I do that…”

A change in calendar date does not equal a change in a person
If they are doing the same things after the clock struck before the clock then they are going to get the same results.


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