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5 Mar

Why a Prayer Breakfast for Pastor’s and Ministry Leaders?

Well breakfast is an inexpensive meal to make and it can go a long way. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is usually the start of the day. Lastly, breakfast is early enough not to interrupt plans for the day. So, for me breakfast just seems right.

The heart of the matter for me is simply to get pastors and ministry leaders together in an atmosphere to share and grow together. Pastors are some of the busiest people in the world no matter the size of their congregation and getting together just for the sake of being together is nearly impossible and not a priority. Most of the time if Pastors are together it is because it was a church event and they were on program, they were invited or honestly had to stop by just to wave their hand so that when they have an event the presence is reciprocated.

This Prayer Breakfast started out as a way to raise some funds for us, but after our first one we quickly gathered a sense that pastors really need community and truly enjoy being together. They need a safe place to belong where they can share freely and just be who they are, not what they do (that was a good place to shout). For me personally this is what our breakfast is about, being together and sharing our stories of both struggle and triumph. It is about being uplifted by our colleagues and journeying together to be missional leaders.

There is a call for the veteran and the newbie, the theory and the practice, the traditional and the contemporary, the mainline and no line, the hurting and the healing, the frustrated and the hopeful, the weary and the rested at the table because all are welcomed here…

The proceeds are going toward a wireless lavalier microphone system to help increase the worship effectiveness of Another Level. Our goal is to raise $450.00

19 Feb

Building a Life of Stewardship Part #2


Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back …“He said, ‘You’re right that I don’t suffer fools gladly—and you’ve acted the fool! Why didn’t you at least invest the money in securities so I would have gotten a little interest on it?’…Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and end up holding the bag…Luke 19:12-26 (paraphrase-NIV/MSG)

When we talk about stewardship, it’s not enough to only talk about our finances, we have to also talk about our time—our investment. It’s not only important whose at the table, but what do each individual bring to the table. After all what’s the point of being at the table if one brings no passion, no energy, are only there to receive, burden and take away. We often have a laundry of things that God can do for us, but the real question is, what can we do for God? God has work for our lives and for us to do. Our stewardship is more than just showing up and dropping a monetary gift, but its life living out the mission of God in this world.


I have learned that people make time for what they want to make time for. If it’s important than people take off work, get a sitter, DVR programs, make arrangements, change or switch shifts. They will do whatever needs to be done to get what they want accomplished. What if our lives reflected this same synergy for the things of God—the One who creates and sustains our life. What difference could we make in the world if our stewardship of our time would be just as significance as other stuff in our lives?


 The Luke text calls us toward a greater challenge in our stewardship. If you notice all the stewards had to simply do is put to work what the king had already given them. They did not have to work to get it; they had to do nothing more but to utilize what they already had to produce. Often we fail to produce because we do nothing with what we already have. Great potential is nothing more than stored up passive energy until it becomes kinetic active energy. Good stewardship is taking the risk to move God’s mission forward even when you are not sure how or what the outcome is going to be.

In my life I have learned how to fail forward. Making lots of mistakes, yet learning along the way and getting back up, dusting off my knees to try all over again. At best my life is live out not by the safe plays, but the attempts and the risk I make in Jesus’ name. My prayer for you is that your stewardship becomes a passionate pursuit toward the things of God and you unlike the last servant invest your life in Christ. When you invest in Christ the desires of your heart are fulfilled. Don’t be left holding the bag!

7 Feb

Building A Life of Stewardship #1


“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”      – Ps. 24:1

 “Most people just coming back or in church don’t tithe; they tip God.”  -10 Mistakes New Church Starts Makes

Stewardship is not only vital to the churches life, but to the lives of members of the body of Christ. If the church does not talk about stewardship it is doing a disservice to the body of Christ in which should gladly participate in the mission of God.  Stewardship is a faithful and conscientious response to God’s graciousness in all things Many people person feel uncomfortable when talking about this topic at church, let me ease your burden, I am going to talk about money, I am going to talk about giving and patterns of giving and I am going to give us an opportunity to give.  Let me tell you what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to make you feel guilty about how and or what you give, I’m not going to play games or tricks with you to give, this is not about getting you to give more money but to make the correlation that giving reflects relationship with God.

Many times when I hear stewardship being preach the framework is often from Malachi 3:10;

            Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.

I have chosen to not use this text because the word tithe means tenth and in my thinking and growing in my understanding of the tithing principle. For some us we need that type of rubric to give, but for others that becomes to legalistic. What I’m after is not a system of giving, but an attitude of generosity that reflects your relationship with Jesus Christ. A value of the understanding that I(we) give because it all is His anyway and reflective of my obedience to God, His abundance takes care of my necessities in life.

So,  for some us ten percent is too low, that not the right bench marks for where your relationship is with God. God has been too good to some of us to just throw in the bucket a measly ten percent when 90% of your life was in the garbage and He pulled you through and turned your life around. For others ten percent is too high because of your faith or perhaps you h

ave never been challenged to think like a steward before so for you that high. You are not there yet. At any rate all of us are called to move toward missional giving that goes beyond a tight-fisted reality to a generous life in Christ.

My goal in this series is for us is to live out our faith generously, serve God passionately, participate in this mission of God gracefully and recognize things that hinder or stunt our stewardship pattern honestly.

Join me this Sunday!

7 Feb

Sow the Seed….Reap the Harvest | Another Level Fundraiser

February 16th, 2013   @3:00 pm


Community Rejoice! Lutheran Church

650 E. 135th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90059


$5.00 Donation

Partnership, Food, Raffles, Entertainment, Fellowship, Fun


RSVP by February 4th 

Please confirm your attendance by emailing info@anotherlevelLA.com

7 Feb

Old Fashion Family Potluck

It’s really important for us, as a church family, to get to know one another as a FAMILY. That’s why we are throwing an “Old fashion Family Potluck”. On February 24, 2013 make sure to cook up your favorite dish and bring it to church. After the service we will stick around, tell awesome stories and love food & Jesus together!

24 Oct


In John 15:1-4 we read this wonderful story where Jesus is speaking to the disciples and he gives them instructions for their life. He tells to simply remain in Him. He also tells that remaining in Him will come with some pruning. Often we never want to be pruned, but Jesus helps understand that it is necessary for our growth. God pruning of us can be painful. He may limit achievement remove accolades, create undue circumstances. They are not wrong in themselves. Some would argue what kind of God is this to put pressure on me like that. I’ll say the kind of God that is trying to push you to the next level. Had He eased up, you would not know you were as strong as you are. Had He not let you go through,  you would not know that you can make it all by yourself with Jesus. Had He not let you experience what you experienced, you might have thought those people were your friends and when your harvest come they would have stole it right from under you. God was pushing you toward him so that you can prioritize your life to know that everything you need is on the vine. Stay on the vine!

4 Oct

Announcement | Chili Cook Off Event November 4, 2012

Start preparing your best pot of chili. You can use your grandma prized recipe or you can create a new one all your own. Either way you go, Another   Level’s 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off is a fun time for the whole family. Just sign up and bring your special pot on November 4 to be judged and sampled by our faith community.  You may also enter your favorite Cornbread recipe as well. Please try your best to dethrone Pastor J(People Choice Winner) and Monica (Judges Winner) this year. Come join in on the fun.