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In John 15:1-4 we read this wonderful story where Jesus is speaking to the disciples and he gives them instructions for their life. He tells to simply remain in Him. He also tells that remaining in Him will come with some pruning. Often we never want to be pruned, but Jesus helps understand that it is necessary for our growth. God pruning of us can be painful. He may limit achievement remove accolades, create undue circumstances. They are not wrong in themselves. Some would argue what kind of God is this to put pressure on me like that. I’ll say the kind of God that is trying to push you to the next level. Had He eased up, you would not know you were as strong as you are. Had He not let you go through,  you would not know that you can make it all by yourself with Jesus. Had He not let you experience what you experienced, you might have thought those people were your friends and when your harvest come they would have stole it right from under you. God was pushing you toward him so that you can prioritize your life to know that everything you need is on the vine. Stay on the vine!

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