Why a Prayer Breakfast for Pastor’s and Ministry Leaders?

5 Mar 2013 by Another Level, No Comments »

Well breakfast is an inexpensive meal to make and it can go a long way. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is usually the start of the day. Lastly, breakfast is early enough not to interrupt plans for the day. So, for me breakfast just seems right.

The heart of the matter for me is simply to get pastors and ministry leaders together in an atmosphere to share and grow together. Pastors are some of the busiest people in the world no matter the size of their congregation and getting together just for the sake of being together is nearly impossible and not a priority. Most of the time if Pastors are together it is because it was a church event and they were on program, they were invited or honestly had to stop by just to wave their hand so that when they have an event the presence is reciprocated.

This Prayer Breakfast started out as a way to raise some funds for us, but after our first one we quickly gathered a sense that pastors really need community and truly enjoy being together. They need a safe place to belong where they can share freely and just be who they are, not what they do (that was a good place to shout). For me personally this is what our breakfast is about, being together and sharing our stories of both struggle and triumph. It is about being uplifted by our colleagues and journeying together to be missional leaders.

There is a call for the veteran and the newbie, the theory and the practice, the traditional and the contemporary, the mainline and no line, the hurting and the healing, the frustrated and the hopeful, the weary and the rested at the table because all are welcomed hereā€¦

The proceeds are going toward a wireless lavalier microphone system to help increase the worship effectiveness of Another Level. Our goal is to raise $450.00

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